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In the age of COVID everything’s changed or should I say is changing. It’s not the “new normal” and it’s most definitely not, the “old normal”. The continual change and uncertainty can feel simultaneously both exciting and overwhelming, depending on far too many factors to name. It can be easy to lose focus on what matters in some or all areas of our lives.

This makes how each of us chooses to lead, both ourselves and others even more significant. While the primary focus of this newsletter is addressing wellbeing in the workplace, for most of us that workplace is now in our homes. So, consider this a resource for better living and greater wellbeing in general. As we’ve all learned (for those who didn’t already realize it), even if we wanted to, it’s almost impossible to fully separate out who we are at home with who we are at work. And, if we do, it can take a heavy toll on our wellbeing.

In this newsletter, I attempt to help you navigate the chaos. It’s a mix of interesting, relevant information that I discover, mixed with personal insights based on experiences and learnings from the most challenging period in my life.

In many ways, this five-year period mimicked some of the worst aspects of COVID. I quit my job after my mother’s cancer diagnosis and returned to the US after 9 years overseas. I felt like I lost part of my identity, as I simultaneously became both a caregiver and patient. I went through extended periods of isolation while recovering and managing the trauma of everything I had been through, including getting hit by a car (really, you can’t make this stuff up).

While each of us has a different story and way of dealing with things, there’s a growing body of science and knowledge that can benefit us and support our ability to manage even during the most difficult times. These basic principles and ways of being and leading can help support wellbeing and ultimately improve both personal and organizational performance.

So, are you willing to be a leader in your own life as well as in the lives of others? Do you value your own wellbeing and that of the people around you enough to make the sometimes difficult, yet often most rewarding choices? And, finally, do you, like I do, believe in the untapped potential in both yourself and those around you? In short, are you ready to be a Wellthy Leader (a bit corny, but catchy :)?

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Andrea J. Miller

Leadership and Performance Coach and Consultant helping leaders elevate their performance, and become more energized, resilient, and healthier people. CEO of the LeadWell Company, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Striving to Be/Do a Bit Better Everyday.